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Bargain or No-Bargain

Updated: Sep 2

My question to you all is; will you bargain?

  • When you are buying vegetables.

  • Buying food items for cooking.

  • Paying you electrician.

  • Buying any goods.

  • Etc. Etc.

So will you bargain or shy away to do so? Think about it.

I’ll give you a situation, suppose the cost of item is too less say 50 paisa and the vendor is charging you 1 Rupees, will you bargain?

Very few will do so, as most educated class will think its 50 paisa only yaar, we spend so much everyday why to bargain for 50 paisa, let this poor soul earn a bit more.

Now think is it right judgement?

In my opinion: its not. We should always bargain even for 50 paisa, because we need to give message to the vendor that he deserves on 50 paisa and not 1 rupee. This message is very important as it spreads awareness and also checks the unwanted and un-ethical practice which may become habit of the vendor and may also spread from him like a virus to all other vendors.

Kudos to those who have guts to bargain even for 50 paisa. You are doing great service to human kind trying to survive in this materialistic world.

Apart from bringing monetary benefit to the customer it also discourages the evolution and spreading for bad practice.

Yes you heard it right, ‘discouragement’ is very important thing to do to these vendors who sell in high prices and also many know by fact that customers can accept anything.

So wake up dear customers you have two duties now to do now while shopping; one Bargain and get monetary benefit, two discourage the vendors.

Please note even you may not get any monetary benefit while bargaining still do it as we have very important mission, that is to ‘discourage’ the vendors.

Let the vendors/shopkeepers get a fair good amount of idea that customers are awake, anything will not do. So don’t fool, get only genuine profit.

Bring change or be the change!

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