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I am lost!

Updated: Sep 2

I am lost in desperation!

I am lost in destiny!

I am lost in sanity!

I am lost in anxiety!


I am lost.

I do not want to lose myself, so I work so hard. Go along with the madness of driving my senses to behave pragmatically.

I do not want to lose my self, I want to go beyond this universe, do not want to behave. Want to act passionately. But I am not doing it.

Because, I am lost

I want the love, I want care, I want the heavenly feeling and warmth of night and so I am looking for you.

I am lost because you are not here.

I am lost in your thoughts.

I do not want to lose myself but still I am lost.

I am lost in you.

Yes, I am lost in you and still waiting for you!

-- Bring change or be the change!

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