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Numbing Senses

Updated: Sep 2

We fall in love with something, somebody, sometime.

You do not always get what you like. You chose to live with it and take the pain to part from what you just liked.

This habit to parting from things you like, is numbing your senses.

Yes, this is making you numb, one after another.

You are so accustomed that you forget to recognise beauty and happiness and thus never enjoy your life.

Think again,

Have you liked a place, passing by?

Have you ever been in love with somebody at some instance, even if this is for a minute?

Have you enjoyed a moment or in that moment feeling happy without a reason?

Have you ever had a thought, if you would get something; a particular moment, a thing or someone. You would never desire anything else.

If any of these answer you yes? Think of the moments.

Do you recall any of them? Did you remember any?

Was this too recent? Or this is now?

Have you ever accepted that you loved the moments and enjoyed every bit of it?

Did you confess to the person, you liked, loved or infatuated to him / her.

Do you live the moments, you always craved for?

Be cheerful learn to avow. Be the Avowal and get in to the world of joy.

With all these development and regenerating JUNK? without a purpose, one day we will have to start consuming the JUNK in our daily life. Think simple and be smart.

We have been experimenting too much with the nature and ourselves for what?

Start doing things for yourself. You work so hard which makes you work harder and ultimately you do not find time for yourself.

With the senses numbing, we start believing it as our life and start living it!

Bring change or be the change!

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