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Shopping Malls or General stores.

Lets start from an instance... I went to a general store asked for the Half liter cola. The price I was quoted was Rs. 3 higher than MRP. I tried to convince that shop keeper that the price is inclusive all the benefits so, why charging more? I was given a reason "This is cooling price for cold drinks". I again tried my best to give all my logic which really did not matter for him. He then gave me his final stand and told me that "you pay Rs. 10 extra for the same cold drinks when you go dining in hotel. This was shocking and tried no more of my wits to fails there.

There again happened these incidents; like a good citizen I kept passing my consumer rights knowledge only to bounce back to me.

Then I went to the todays typical Food Bazaar kind of place. I fouind all my groceries billed them and was going through the prices to use my consumer rights if given a chance. The same cold drinks which I bought this place cost me Rs. 3 less than the MRP. I was happy then suddenly I saw something wrong the cost of coriender did not match the price written on the basket there. We used our lectures they apologised several times but we were in no mood to listen then there came a employee and took me again to the same section where corriender was placed and showed me the price. Oh that was my mistake. I asked for forgiveness they smiled and said thank you.

These were small incidents which taught me so much. I hope this will give you insight too. Be caustious consumer and spend wisely. Even 50 Paise matters "Don't".

Bring change or be the change!

Suman Kumar

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